EMA - Training


Amplitrain is the first equipment provider worldwide to  use modulated medium frequency as a training method. With digital technology, muscles can be activated either via the motor nerves (neuromodulation) or directly in the muscle cell without stimulating the nerve tracts (myomodulation). In this way, more muscle groups can be reached and muscle activation is also gentler and more intense. 

Amplitrain is an innovative and at the same time highly effective high-tech training concept based on electrical muscle activation. In short: EMA. It offers a time-saving and at the same time extremely effective full-body workout.

Amplitrain uses the body's own principle of triggering muscle work through electrical impulses. This is done with the help of a sophisticated terminal, the amplicube, high-tech electrodes built into the suit and a smart app. The suit and thus also the electrodes are connected to our Amplicube.

With electrical impulses in the modulated medium frequency range of 2000 Hz, muscles are built up faster and more gently. Just 20 minutes EMA training  achieve the same effect as many hours of classic training in the fitness center. This is valuable time that can be saved. Conversely, this also means that the short and effective EMA training can be easily integrated into everyday life.

What is possible with Amplitrain?

  • significant reduction in pain
  • Strengthening of the deep back muscles
  • highly effective abdominal muscle training
  • Balancing muscular imbalances
  • Training of the entire skeletal muscles
  • Improvement of skin texture and cellulite
  • Activation of fat metabolism
  • Strengthening of the pelvic floor
  • rapid regression after pregnancy
  • Visible and tangible muscle building
  • Increase in strength and endurance

Humans as hunters and gatherers covered kilometers every day, today it is usually only meters.

Due to the increasing lack of exercise, diseases of the cardiovascular system, obesity and diabetes are increasing rapidly. Exercise is healthy and also contributes to mental and physical well-being.

Just two to three small, well-planned training units per week are enough to strengthen the cardiovascular system, lower high blood pressure, boost fat metabolism, improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels and generally significantly increase living comfort. 

In our therapy center we will be happy to create a tailor-made training concept tailored to your goals. We accompany you, regardless of whether you simply want to improve your health, lose weight or run a marathon, just talk to us.


"If you do nothing today, you live tomorrow like yesterday..."

Training references:

PD Dr. F. Post

Doctor of internal medicine / cardiology / intensive care

“Our observations have shown that EMA training with myo-modulation in the modulated mid-frequency from amplitrain can have a significantly positive effect on patients with arterial hypertension (high blood pressure, severity level 2-3). The reduction in blood pressure after a few weeks is comparable to the effect of drug-based monotherapy and starts quickly. Isometric EMA workouts can thus help treat high blood pressure and prevent secondary diseases as part of a holistic concept including drug therapy and a lifestyle change.”

Marc Girardelli

Olympic athlete

“As a former professional athlete, maintaining and building muscles is as important for me as alleviating the long-term consequences of serious injuries. I have achieved both through the unique EMA training from amplitrain in a very short time – and in a sustainable manner. EMA training in the mid-frequency range has proven to be much more pleasant and effective than comparable EMS training concepts in the low-frequency range. That’s why amplitrain is my absolute number one!”