Personal Training

Offers of our personal training in practice or as a home visit

Based on the personal initial meeting, the goals are discussed and defined with the client. All of our trainers are trained physiotherapists and are therefore qualified not only to make you fit, but also to keep you healthy.

Possible training techniques:

EMA from Amplitrain is an innovative and at the same time highly effective high-tech training concept based on electrical muscle activation. In short: EMA. It offers a time-saving and at the same time extremely effective full-body workout.

Power - Yoga or Power - Pilates

Yoga and Pilates exercises follow a holistic approach that aims to harmonize body, mind and soul. The goal is improved vitality and at the same time an attitude of inner serenity.

Strength - Training

With different equipment and exercises adapted to the customer.

Nutritional advice

We analyze your diet and give tips on how to make the change that is suitable for everyday use.

Outdoor - Fitness

Strength, endurance training in the nearby area. Use of natural resources.

Fascial Training

Stretching and mobilization of the joints using Blackroll fascia devices.

Cardiovascular training

Improving your endurance through targeted cardiovascular training.

Environment analysis

Analysis of your personal and professional environment. What can be optimized at your workplace, your mattress, your shoes, etc.

We charge €90.00 for the training session (TS) including travel (max. 20 km). A training session is 60 minutes. The first consultation is charged at €50.00.

1 TS = 90,00€
10 TS = 850,00€
20 TS = 1600,00€

Due to the increasing lack of exercise, diseases of the cardiovascular system, obesity and diabetes are increasing rapidly. Exercise is healthy and also contributes to mental and physical well-being.
Just one or two well-planned training sessions per week are enough to strengthen the cardiovascular system, lower high blood pressure, boost fat metabolism, improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels and generally significantly increase living comfort.
We would be happy to create tailor-made training concepts for you according to your objectives. In addition, we accompany you, regardless of whether you simply want to improve your health, lose weight or run a marathon, just talk to us.